Ooh – Not Long Now!

Hello all! Sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve updated you all on the plans for the Boundary Estate’s very own Fun Palace here on our blog, but there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes to make sure that we make the very best Fun Palace for our neighbours and the local community. We’ve updated the What’s On page so if you want to cut the drivel and get down to the nitty-gritty click here.

Our Fun Palace wouldn’t be possible without the agreement of Tower Hamlets Homes who have trusted residents to make their own Fun Palace, and the help, support and trust of St. Hilda’s who are allowing us to use all of their public spaces as we wish and without any charge. Still there are expenses to be met – especially as we’ve aimed high and are covering three courtyards, the sports court and five rooms in St. Hilda’s. We’ve raised money with a screening of Wendy Richardson’s wonderful new documentary about Joan Littlewood, ‘In the Company of Joan’. Joan was an incredibly talented and successful theatre and film producer who, with Cedric Price, first thought of creating a Fun Palace. She was an inspirational figure who deserves much more recognition, and thanks to the incredible folk who thought of reinventing the idea of a Fun Palace as Fun Palaces she may finally be recognised as the inspirational figure she was by many more people. The event at Rich Mix, which we co-hosted with the East End Women’s Museum, was a great success and raised £313 to be shared between us. We’ve also been given grants by Tower Hamlets Homes and Veolia UK which have helped us create what we hope will be an amazing day for everyone. We’ve also had a huge amount of support from Mears Group, Tower Hamlets Community Payback Team, and Veolia, all of whom have been helping us with advice and recruiting volunteers.

Equally important and amazing is the response to our requests for people to take part in our Fun Palace. People seem to love the Fun Palaces idea and the vast majority are taking part with no charge to us, and we are incredibly grateful to them for their generosity in sharing their time and skills.

Talking as we were of Joan Littlewood we’re really pleased to say that there are two wonderful links with her at our Fun Palace – one of our contributors Dan Jones’ parents were friends of hers, and Brick Lane Bookshop – which started as Tower Hamlets Arts Project, itself a very Joan Littlewood inspired project – is run by Dan’s wife Denise and will be running a bookstall in St. Hilda’s.


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