Ready, Steady…

Brilliant news for the Boundary Estate Fun Palace – St. Hilda’s East have confirmed they are going to be working with us to make our Fun Palace something to remember! We’ve also got the support of Tower Hamlets Homes and both of our ward councillors, we are talking with Tower Hamlets Council next week and we’re also talking with lots of other organisations to make sure that our courtyards, playgrounds and St. Hilda’s will be filled with all sorts of incredible things to entertain and amaze us from the worlds of art and science… and that’s just the beginning! Join us and be part of something special.
We’ll be holding a public meeting towards the end of January when we’ll talk about what we can have in our Fun Palace – it’s going to be organised by us, residents of the Boundary Estate, so make sure you’re part of it by signing up to our Facebook or Twitter pages to be kept up-to-date.  You can also find out more about the wonderful world of Fun Palaces and the inspirational people and events who have organised events for their communities at the Fun Palaces website.
Fun Palaces Illustration by Emily Medley

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