Be Part of Making the Boundary Estate a Fun Palace…

The Boundary Estate Fun Palace will be made by people who live or work on and near the Boundary Estate, Bethnal Green. What it contains, how big it is and how successful it is is up to the people who get involved, and we want everyone who’s interested to contact us. We’ve already got the support of our local councillor, John Pierce, and St. Hilda’s East are hoping to be involved and word is getting out on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll be part of the national Fun Palaces family.

So, what is a Fun Palace? Easy – it’s whatever we want it to be. We can fill our Boundary Estate courtyards and playgrounds with all manner of brilliant fun things to watch, take part in and enjoy. If you like art we can have all manner of things artistic – painting, drawing, drama, writing, poetry, comedy – it’s up to you. If you like sciences we can create laboratories, experiments, lectures, displays – whatever you want.

How do we make a Fun Palace? That’s easy too – we make it. We are a brilliant community on the Boundary Estate, we can achieve brilliant things. We’ve made an award winning community launderette on the estate that’s been run by residents for more than 23 years. We’ve made a beautiful playground on the ruins of an unloved play space. We’ve made gorgeous flower-filled planters to brighten up our courtyards. All of these things were made by residents who wanted something good for our community, we decided on them and we got them done. We can make a Fun Palace!

If you want to find out more and possibly get involved in helping make our Fun Palace in 2016 then please click on the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of the page, you’ll be kept up-to-date with news and information about meetings. We’ll be having a public meeting at the beginning of December where you can find out more.



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