Welcome to the blog site for Boundary Estate Fun Palace. The Boundary Estate is Britain’s first council estate built in the 1890s, it has impressive architecture, wonderful open spaces, a brilliant history and a strong community. We want to create a day for all Boundary Estate residents to enjoy and remember as part of the Fun Palaces weekend next year.

Fun Palaces are a brilliant idea, first thought of in 1961 by the renowned theatre producer Joan Littlewood and the architect Cedric Price as a ‘laboratory of fun’ and ‘a university of the streets’. It was to be a temporary and movable home to the arts and sciences, open and welcoming to all. Their brilliant idea never found a home, but plans were made to revive Fun Palaces to celebrate the centenary of Joan Littlewood’s birth as described in a post by Stella Duffy, a Co-Director of Fun Palaces. Fun Palaces were held in 138 locations over the weekend of 4th & 5th October 2014, then at 142 locations over the weekend of 3rd & 4th October. If you’ve be lucky enough to have been to one you’ll know just how great they are – created and curated by people who know their neighbourhoods best, and containing the widest variety of arts, sciences and sports imaginable. You’ll get a good idea of what’s possible on this short film of some of the Fun Palaces in 2014.

The Boundary Estate has an impressive track record of community spirit which has seen residents set up and maintain an award-winning not-for-profit launderette, refurbish playgrounds, and green our courtyards with planters that are maintained to a high standard by residents- amongst many other things. A Fun Palace, with community events throughout the year building up to the main weekend of 1st & 2nd October 2016, will be another impressive event that we can work together to create. It will be our Fun Palace containing our ideas, and it will prove what a great community lives on the Boundary Estate.

Our Fun Palace can contain whatever we want – we have good, safe courtyards, green spaces and a playground that we can use. We’ve had the go-ahead to start planning from Fun Palaces. St. Hilda’s Community Centre have been approached and love the idea – they’re looking very carefully at how they can help and we hope that we’ll be able to use some of their flexible and fully accessible facilities. Councillor John Pierce has offered his support and can help ease out the communications between us, Tower Hamlets Homes and the council. We hope to hold our first public meeting in early December – we’ll post details here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

What we need now is for our neighbours to take part in creating the Fun Palace. Sign up to be kept informed of meetings and our progress via the ‘Contact Us’ button above. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Fun Palace logo designed by Emily Medley